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A Utility for exploring the world of Dereth.  Uses the database from AC-Spedia to map all known objects in Asheron's Call.  You can easily add your own objects to this database, including detailed items such as buildings and roads.  A Shortest Path routine can compute the shortest portal path between two points.  Real-time party tracking makes corpse recovery easy!  A very powerful and easy to use utility.  A must for any serious AC explorer! BUY Download
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- highest rating from TUCOWS
NOTE: AC Explorer gets its data from the AC-Spedia web site.  Please DO NOT send me email about problems with any locations.  You need to update any incorrect data by going to the AC-Spedia web site directly.  Use the Update Database command in the Help menu in AC Explorer to download the latest data from AC-Spedia.
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Feature Description

User Interface
AC Screen Shot

An easy to use graphical interface.

Comprehensive Database
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The AC-Spedia database is the best AC database on the net.  Updated by players of AC, it contains information about most every location in the game.
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The included map is high resolution and very accurate.  Dungeons on the edge of a river actually show up next to the river on the map!  Supports location resolution to 1/100th of a kilometer.

Add your own objects

Add your own objects to the database easily. Or modify the existing database.
Detailed maps
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Detailed regional maps can be created with low-level details such as buildings, roads, hunting grounds, etc.   Exchange these custom detail files with your friends to build an entire map of Dereth.  Detailed map of Tou-Tou area included with program.
Shortest Path
The shortest path algorithm is fast, accurate, and easy to use.  Just click on the start and end points.  No more selecting a location from a long list of entries.  The algorithm also follows the terrain, so it won't tell you to cross the ocean or climb a cliff that is too steep.  You can also create regions that the path will avoid (such as dangerous spawn areas).
Real-time Tracking
Track the current in-game location of any number of players.  Great for keeping track of your hunting party.  You can leave a trail to show your movement history, detect your corpse when you die, and much more!  Full 0.01 accuracy and real-time heading also shown.
Dungeon Maps
Dungeon maps can be downloaded and displayed from a remote server.  Comes pre-configured to use the ACMaps site at
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Allows you to search the entire database using keywords.  Great for finding those Banderling hunting areas.


AC Explorer uses optimized graphic algorithms for fast display in any zoom mode
Runs along side Asheron's Call While it isn't the smallest program in the world (and was never intended to be), it runs just fine at the same time as Asheron's Call.  So you can Alt-Tab between the game and the map to keep from getting lost.
Database Updating Built-in Update command downloads the latest version of the master database from AC-Spedia, so you are always up to date.
COM Automation Includes a COM Automation server to allow AC Explorer to be controlled remotely from other software such as Visual Basic.
Documentation Includes a help file that describes how to use the program, and includes information on file formats being used.   Files are text and can be easily edited using Notepad if necessary.
FREE Trial The older versions of AC Explorer are Free.  The newer AC Explorer Pro application is $20 US, but has a 30-day free trial evaluation.

Calibration Information

Please see the AC Explorer Discussion Forum for the latest calibration information for ACX Server.

Version History

3.41 21-Nov-2005 (PUBLIC release)
  • Fixed the Floating Point error in path finding.
  • Improved Portal destination parsing of ACSpedia database.
  • Added updated Terrain file for AC:ToD expansion.
3.40 13-Sep-2005 (PUBLIC release)
  • Removed eLicense copy protection and replaced with custom copy protection.
  • ACX Server changed to support Throne of Destiny expansion better.
3.33 25-Jul-2002 (PUBLIC release)
  • No changes to ACX Server
  • Now parses ZyrcaNet bot data correctly from new hosting site
  • Fixed bug that caused portal Tie list to become filled with empty items everytime data files were updated
  • References to old ACMaps site in dungeon.dat file updated to point to current ACMap site
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the exits of some portals to be parsed incorrectly when changed in the comment field for a portal
  • Cleaned up map of Dereth to remove islands not currently in use by game 
3.32 24-May-2002 (PUBLIC release)
  • ACX Server 1.29
    • Now checks site at startup for updated calibration data
    • (Can be turned off by setting CheckVersion=0 in the [Options] section of the INI file)
  • ACX Client 3.32
    • Fixed "Divide by zero" error at startup
    • Handles error messages returned by ZyrcaBot server
    • Changed query frequency of Zyrcabot: query is only done when AC Explorer is first run, or when you actually use the "Find Path" function.
    • ZyrcaBot data only updated when Find Path is used if it hasn't been updated in the specified number of minutes in the Portal Bot screen
    • Portal bot update time changed from seconds to minutes, with 1 minute as the minimum update frequency
    • AC Explorer now downloads the most current URLs for AC-Spedia, AC-Maps, and ZyrcaNet when it checks for a new version
    • AC Explorer will also update the calibration data for ACX Server when it checks for a new version.
    • Fixed a memory leak caused by the ZyrcaNet updates 
3.31 19-May-2002 (PUBLIC release)
  • No changes to ACX Server
  • Added support for ZyrcaNet.  ZyrcaBot portal bots can be displayed on the map, and can be used in the Shortest route calculation, just like any other portal. 
  • Added icon to end of portals.  Can be turned on and off in the options.
  • Fixed (hopefully) error in AutoUpdate (for next version update)
  • Updated graphical map to make colors brighter and to improve colors on Marae Lassal.
  • Updated terrain data used for route finding
  • Fixed problem with NewLocation COM routine
  • Added ILocation.Save method for saving changes made to locations via COM
  • Added ITieItem COM object for handling multiple ties via COM
  • Added GetTie, SetTie, NewTie, NumTies to IApplication COM object for handling multiple ties
  • Made some minor speed improvements to terrain-sensitive route finding
  • Added a bunch of HotKey shortcuts.  Documented them in Help File.
  • Routes starting or ending with current tracking character no longer change as the character moves
  • Added Ctrl-Mousewheel support for zooming the map
  • The Show menu now works as it should for tabs other than the "Map" tab.
  • Removed limitation of 5000 locations.
3.30 13-Mar-2002 (PUBLIC release)
  • No changes to ACX Server
  • Added support for multiple lifestone ties, multiple portal ties, house and mansion ties, and an infinite number of custom portal ties (for stuff like Aerlinthe portals)
  • Changed the menu bar component to fix problems caused on some graphics cards
  • New menu bar supports "XP style" as well as the traditional menu style.  XP-style is the default, but this can be changed in the Edit/Options/Appearance dialog.
  • Made minor changes to the Map Coverage option in hopes of fixing the allusive crash on some Win98 systems.
3.29 24-Jan-2002 (PUBLIC release)
  • No changes to ACX Server
  • Added House Tie for using the Recall House command in the shortest route calculation
  • Fixed problems with deleted objects still showing on map
  • Fixed problem with slow mouse movement over map
  • Added Coverage button to Update Map dialog to see what landblocks are loaded into your CELL.DAT
  • Added Color button to Update Map dialog to allow terrain colors and light sourcing properties to be changed when generating a new graphical map
  • Fixed crash caused by selecting object type in Edit panel when no object is being edited
  • Updated eLicense wrapper to support Fast-User switching on Windows XP.
3.28 28-Oct-2001 (PUBLIC release)
  • No changes to ACX Server
  • Updated Map to show Marae Lassel for Dark Majestry expansion
  • Removed old ice island from northern coast
  • Updated terrain file for Marae Lassel
  • Fixed bug that caused newer dungeons to be shown as "In Building"
  • Changed Full Update URL for AC-Spedia
3.27 17-Sep-2001 (PUBLIC release)
  • No changes to ACX Server
  • Added support for "Communities" (called Housing in AC Explorer)
  • Can now assign an image to *any* location, not just dungeons
  • Animated GIF images supported
  • Transparent GIF images displayed properly
  • Added Image button above map area
  • ACMaps can now update dungeon block numbers
  • Added "Update Map" command to generate new graphical map from cell.dat data.
  • Added display of ID value for location in Edit panel
  • Can search on ID value using #ID format in Search panel
  • Changed icon for Outposts (Housing uses old Outpost icon)
  • URL field for images can point to local image file instead of an http URL
  • Fixed bug with manually editing URL field not saving
3.26 4-Sep-2001 (PUBLIC release)
  • ACX Server 1.28
    • Added Indirect methods to obtain player location.  Two types of indirection are supported.  See help file.
    • Pre-configured double-indirection method to handle August patch (no longer uses jittery Camera location, but uses stable player location)
    • Auto and Manual calibration now support the double-indirection method used in the August patch.
    • Updated the Override calibration options to support the new indirection method
  • ACX Client 3.26
    • Added Dungeon Map viewing.  Maps are downloaded from a remote map server.  Pre-configured to use the map server.  See help file for more details on how this is implemented.
    • Added "Maps" as new database type for downloading the map index from the remote server.
    • Added URL for remote GIF image to Edit panel.
    • Dungeon maps viewed using the Views/DungeonMap menu command, or by double-clicking on the dungeon icon on the map or dungeon name in the Nearby list. 
    • Updated help file and made this the PUBLIC release (finally!)
3.25 30-Aug-2001 (BETA release)
  • ACX Server 1.27
    • Adds AutoSync field to Override calibration to prevent automatic determination of player index.
    • Added ReSync button to re-synchronize the server without doing a full calibration.
    • Debug window no longer cleared by multiple calibrations
    • AutoPaste option now works properly when the user is pasting other information into the clipboard
  • ACX Client 3.25
    • Added COM object Automation server.  See help file for API details.  Allows AC Explorer to be called from other applications such as Decal plugins.
    • Fixed problem that caused ACXPLORER.INI file to be corrupt and lose the map and tabs
    • Adjusted tracking location to better align with map
    • Toggling database Enabled flag in Options screen now takes effect on the map as soon as OK is clicked.
    • Toggling the Enabled flags now works properly
    • Toggling the Enable flags in the Update Database screen now works properly
    • Fixed several problems dealing with multiple databases and database updates that could sometimes cause the database to be deleted, or could cause multiple copies of the same location in the database
    • Fixed the Show Markers and Show Corpses menu options
    • Creates the proper INI file when running from the Installer for the first time
    • Fixed several problems in the F10 Add Building command and the F9 add point commands.
    • Fixed several problems with updating a database when the remote database server is down.
ACX Server 1.26 20-Aug-2001 (BETA release)
  • Changed tracking calibration method to handle August patch changes to AC client
ACX Server 1.25 18-Aug-2001 (BETA release)
  • Handles shifting of calibration address when client starts
  • Does /unfilter -all properly when calibration fails
  • Moves character during autocalibration to improve reliability
  • Added Debug mode to calibration
3.24 9-Jun-2001 (BETA release)
  • ACX Server 1.24
    • AutoPaste turned off during calibration
    • Calibration settings immediately saved when calibration is completed
  • ACX Client 3.24
    • Fixed bad "Uninstall" link created by installer
    • Installer no longer appends the "ACExplorer" to the directory that you select
    • Installer uses long file name for the location you last installed AC Explorer
    • New eLicense software should fix code 23 and other various problems
    • Added "Search only Nearby" option to Search tab to only search locations displayed in current map window
    • Added customization of the map tab settings
    • No longer keeps loading places.dat when information has been properly moved to master.dat
    • Modified "Show" menu so that selecting a type of object toggles the viewing of that object type without de-selecting all other objects.  Shift-select is now used to turn off all other selections first.
    • Using customized tab settings, each map tab can have it's own separate Show menu options.
    • Fixed bug that caused markers to be deleted when updating the database or using the New Marker command
    • Added Ctrl-G "Goto" menu command to jump to a specified location quickly
    • All "Latitude" entry boxes can now accept a full lat,long location in many different formats.  Examples of accepted location strings are "12.3N,45.6E" "12.3N 45.6E" "12.3 45.6" "-12.3 -45.6" etc.
    • Updated default hostname for AC-Spedia to point at the new server.
    • <BR> tags in description no longer converted to CR/LF when writing to master.dat
    • Removed "Update" option from Edit/Option/Databases and instead added a second button to the Update Database dialog.  The two buttons on the download screen are now "Update Full" and "Update Recent".
    • When tracking history gets full, old portal jumps are now properly deleted along with the old trail points.
3.23a 20-Apr-2001 (BETA release)
  • Fixed bug that could cause AC Explorer to hang when you enter a dungeon.
3.23 19-Apr-2001 (BETA release)
  • No changes to ACX Server
  • Cancel download no longer processes the database
  • DateAdded field added to the Update format used by Master.dat
  • Changed how ShowSuspect works.  Suspect locations now always stored in the database, but only displayed if ShowSuspect is enabled.
  • Changed terrain handling to better deal with steep walls that are unclimbable
  • Fixed bug in italic text display on Win98 systems
  • Added <BR> tag support to <message> text returned from Update URLs
  • Added the Add Comment URL for AC Spedia
  • Added numbers to the corpse titles
  • Running AC Explorer a second time no longer crashes (switches to copy already running)
  • Portal and Lifestone tie information no longer cleared if the database is deleted
  • Temporary database update files are just renamed to *.bak instead of deleted
  • Included new map created from April patch data by Adrian Rudnik
3.22 13-Apr-2001 (BETA release)
  • ACX Server 1.22
    • Uses DUNGEON.DAT file to display names of dungeon that you are in
    • Tells you when you are in buildings and dungeons
    • Better detection of when AC is running
    • Accesses AC memory image with less privileges required
    • Properly saves AC version and no longer gives bogus "Calibration might be required" messages
    • Added timestamp options to history and log files
    • Added scrollbar to movement history
  • ACX Client 3.20
    • Fixed saving whether portals are disabled.  To fix this, all portals are re-enabled when this update is installed, so you need to disable portals again manually
    • Included DUNGEON.DAT file to detect names of dungeons that you are in
    • Dynamically updates DUNGEON.DAT file as you enter new dungeons
    • Clear Tracks command now properly shows name of tracking character being cleared
    • Added XML data format from ACSpedia to supported file types
    • Added ability to only download items that have changed since last update.  Makes updating data files a lot faster
    • places.dat is now just the data file from AC Spedia.  Master location data now stored in MASTER.DAT which is always stored in Update format
    • Better support for handling multiple databases
    • Improved terrain tracking.  No longer makes routes through some impassible mountains, especially in northern Dereth and the Direlands.
    • If ACX Server denies connection because of security settings, the client gets a message to that effect, rather than the generic "can't connect to server" message
    • Corpses in dungeons are now displayed properly on the map
    • Corpses are not cleared from the movement history when the history gets too large
    • Exiting AC Explorer right after starting (before it can check for new version info) no longer causes it to hang
    • Updating the database no longer causes access violations
    • Blank <exit> tag in description no longer causes portal exits to be reset
    • HTML support added to description display field in Map tab.  HTML tags can be added in Edit mode to enhance display of descriptions
    • Tracking icon no longer gets corrupted by other icons
    • Location name on Map tab can now be selected to copy/paste
    • Nearby location list no longer flashes during tracking in Full map mode
    • Changed Database URLs for updating and adding comments to now use HTTP POST method
    • Downloading update now just shows Bytes Received instead of trying to show progress bar
    • <exit> and <level> tags recognized in object description text
    • Fixed various bad icons in menu options
    • Added a splitbar between location description and nearby list in Map tab
    • Updated Technical Details help page.
3.21 26-Mar-2001 (BETA release)
  • Fixed Corrupt Application bug
  • Now checks for new version correctly at startup
  • Added Option for checking for new version at startup
  • Added Option for map window double-buffering
  • Increased default route cutoff from 5000 to 8000.
3.20 25-Mar-2001 (BETA release)
  • ACX Server 1.20
    • Fixed problem with exiting and restarting AC causing server to stop tracking
    • Fixed ASync Lookup error on some systems
    • Added option for putting ACX Server in the system tray
    • Added option for starting the ACX Server minimized
    • Setting port to zero (or blank) now uses default port value
    • Added @filter -all and @unfilter -all commands to the automatic calibration to prevent chat messages from messing up the calibration
    • Increased the delay between clicking the Start Calibration button and when commands are sent to the game.
    • Added more tests to verify the stability of the calibration location before it is selected
    • Newlines and spaces are stripped from the clipboard text when using Manual calibration
    • Server no longer confused by other windows with title "Asheron's Call".
  • ACX Client 3.20
    • Added Terrain sensitive routing.  Routes now avoid the ocean and impassible cliffs.
    • Changed regions from detailed objects to regular global objects
    • Regions can be marked as Disabled which causes the route function to avoid walking through these regions
    • Added Clear History command to tracking history window right-click menu to clear the current movement history.
    • Added Clear Trail and Restore Trails commands to the right-click menu of the tracking list to clear and restore the current trails
    • Timestamp for corpse added to corpse icon's description field
    • Map parameters are now saved in MAP.INI.  Map filename and various scaling and offset values are stored here to make replacing the default map easier.
    • Added URLs to the Help menu for getting to various web sites
    • Added XML fields to object descriptions for portal exits and level restrictions (See help file in the Technical details section)
    • Added option to right-click on a tracking entry and make it the start or end point of a route
    • Moved Update database from Help menu to Update menu
    • Added Update Terrain option to Update menu to update the terrain.dat file used for terrain routing
    • Added Update Software option to the Update menu to check web site for software updates.  Check is also automatically made by the program at startup.
    • Added Append option to Route page to create waypoint paths
    • Added option fields to the Route page to make it easier to turn on and off portal and lifestone tie
    • Fixed minor problems with the map bitmap shifting at high zoom values when scrolling.
    • Added double-buffering to the map display to avoid flickering during tracking updates.
    • Fixed various bugs when inside buildings or dungeons
    • The name of the dungeon is now identified when you enter on the tracking screen
    • The Block number field was added to the Edit panel to change the dungeon block associated with an object
    • Added Clear Last Corpse command to the F8 key to make deleting extra corpses easier.
    • Corpse no longer added when you use a portal that exits near a lifestone
    • Default Portal Distance increased to 20 to avoid extra corpses when you have a fast Run value.
    • If ACX Client opens the ACX Server, it will automatically close the server when you exit the client.
    • Commas in location names no longer cause a problem.
    • Random portals are now flagged as a separate object with a different icon
    • Fixed some floating point errors in the client when the server isn't calibrated properly.
    • Gave portal lines a lower priority so that clicking on an object near a portal line causes the object to be selected instead of the line.
    • Grid labels now show at startup properly if grid option is on.
    • Changed the tracking icon graphics so that the heading of the icon is easier to see and the label no longer gets in the way.
    • Last position of a tracking character is saved, even when the server stops running.  Tracking icon displayed in gray color in this situation.
    • Fixed problem with starting ACX in maximized window mode
    • Added Save Route and Load Route menu commands to save and load the route list
    • The Left panel can no longer be shrunk below a certain value.  This prevents the panel from getting hidden.
    • Proportional resize of the panels now works properly when resizing and maximizing the window
    • Fixed problem on a second monitor with right-click menus displaying in the wrong location.
    • Map is centered when window is larger than the map
    • Fixed various scrollbar display problems so that map scrollbars displayed only when needed.
ACX Server 1.12 26-Feb-2001 (BETA release)
  • Fixed problem with calibration on non-US systems.
3.10 21-Feb-2001 (BETA release)
  • ACX Server 1.10
    • ACX Server fixed "7loc" problem for international users.
    • ACX Server autocalibration improved and speeded up.  Much more reliable now.
    • ACX Server icon added to Start/Programs menu for AC Explorer
    • ACX Server has command line option for specifying IP address and port to run on.  Use IPAddress:Port as the command line parameter, or just Port to run on the local IP address, but a different port.
    • Added options to ACX Server to override IP address (for multi-homed systems)
    • ACX Server now detects the AC Client version number and adds a prompt to the history window if the client has changed to remind the user to recalibrate the server.
    • ACX Server now detects a list of possible memory addresses when using Automatic or Manual calibration that can be selected from in the Override calibration section.
  • ACX Client 3.10
    • About box now thanks all players who have contributed to AC-Spedia database
    • Added Region objects to detailed list.  Regions are like building objects but are not filled with a color and use dotted lines instead of solid lines.  Intended to add spawn and hunting regions to the detailed maps.
    • Location no longer pasted to clipboard if Auto Paste is off
    • Fixed bug drawing a building that had comment text after the coordinates
    • Added several corpse commands, including Route to Last corpse, Route to First corpse, Clear corpse, and Clear All corpses.
    • Fixed bug in building editor that could cause building to get overwritten by another, or cause edits to get lost
    • Non-standard port numbers now supported for server.  Use IPAddress:Port in client to connect to a non-standard port number
    • Can right-click on a list of locations and select "Copy location" to copy a single location to the clipboard instead of copying the entire list.
    • Fixed problem with clicking on a location sometimes selecting wrong location in list.
    • Buildings are now drawn after roads so that they overlap roads properly
    • Non-active tracking characters are now displayed in the list properly at startup
    • Added Follow Amount option to control how close to the edge of the map causes it to re-center.  Setting this to 100 causes map to continuously re-center on character.
    • Fixed problems displaying long names for tracking icons
    • Tracking icons no longer interfere with each other when there are several near each other
    • Tracking icon now redraws properly when switching between Windows applications
    • Added License Agreement screen to startup.
    • Added character specific log files to ACX client.
    • Added master log file to client that logs location of all tracking characters every 10 seconds.
    • Changed the main map background color
    • Movement history window is now marked as "stay on top"
    • Added several new maps of towns contributed by several players.
    • Added several Print options to print locations, list of locations, routes, and map window.
    • Fixed bug that causes top of window not to be displayed properly when window is Maximized
    • Fixed Scrollbar out of range bug with high screen resolutions
    • You can now select and right-click on detailed locations such as buildings
    • Fixed download progress bar for updating the database.
ACX Server 1.01 9-Feb-2001 (BETA release)
  • Fixed problem with calibrating server on Windows NT
3.00 8-Feb-2001 (BETA release)
  • AC Explorer PRO first release!
  • Added real-time party tracking
  • Added AC Explorer Server (ACXServ) to remotely capture character location from AC.
  • Allow/Deny security added to server
  • Real-time heading tracking added
  • Track can leave a history trail on map
  • Added corpse detection to movement history
  • Added commands to create buildings via the current character position
  • Fixed crash with Add Marker
  • Added eLicense copy protection for commercial version
2.2b 23-Jul-2000 (public release)
  • Fixed problem that could cause an error in the AC-Spedia database to hang AC Explorer
2.2a 13-Dec-2000 (public release)
  • Size and position of main window saved and restored
  • Map view mode saved and restored across sessions
  • Items enabled in Show menu saved and restored across sessions
  • Last position being viewed saved and restored across sessions.
2.2 20-Jul-2000 (beta release)
  • Uses the new map from David Simpson that shows the new July-patch island and has better terrain details derived from the cell.dat files used by AC.
  • Portals can be individually enabled or disabled for use in the Find Route command.
  • Added Portal-Tie and Lifestone-Tie features
  • Added user-defined Views along with hotkeys for views
  • Added view history with Back/Forward buttons (like a browser history).
  • Can right-click on portals in main map view to go to portal destination
  • Added support for multiple databases
  • Fixed Show Marker bugs
  • Improved download progress bar
  • Can disable display of "suspect" locations in database
  • Added Min and Max Level information to objects.  Char level can be used in Find Route command to obey portal level restrictions.
  • Clicking on URLs in About box now work
  • First part of Route now displayed properly
  • Added Mousewheel scrolling support
  • Copy (ctrl-c) now can copy the entire route list to be pasted into AC
  • Added Remove Marker to right-click menu
  • Shift-click on map now cycles through multiple objects in same location
  • You can now select a portal by clicking anywhere near the portal line (not just start or end point)
  • Updated help file with new features.
2.1 2-Mar-2000 (public release)
  • Dereth map now in BMP format instead of GIF format
  • This fixes the "Incorrect parameter", and "Divide by zero" problems some people were experiencing.
2.0 1-Mar-2000 (public release)
  • Uses new high-res topo map of Dereth from Turbine.  Incredible detail!
  • Separated map GIF file from main program to allow people to edit it as desired.  (do NOT change the size of the image)
  • Fixed graphic routines to allow use of large bitmap under Win98
  • Improved scrolling routines to avoid flashing
  • Add support for /loc coordinates
  • Added Markers
  • Added captions.  Captions can be moved for each item in database (except portals)
  • Added 3 extra zoom levels
  • Added ultra-detail to detail maps, allowing buildings to have size and shape.  See included TouTou map for examples.
  • Added Line item type (same as road, but road now has width at higher magnifications)
  • URL of database download can be changed in INI file
  • Proxy support added.  Change ProxyServer and ProxyPort in INI file
  • Added date search to Search mode.  Displays all items added to database since the specified date
  • Portal lines are displayed if the endpoint is in the current view.   Endpoints can be drag/dropped moved
  • Added full Drag/Drop editing support.  Any item can be moved in Edit Mode by dragging it.  Individual points in roads, lines, or buildings can also be dragged.
  • Added right-click menu option to move entire object or move just selected point
  • Network is not required until you actually select the Update Database command
  • Updated help file
1.3 15-Feb-2000 (public release)
  • Full map mode now displays all objects in map view
  • Removed the radius cursor setting
  • Route screen now displays the route graphically in the map window
  • Fixed problem with additions to database not being saved across updates (upgrades from old versions still will have problems, but any updated from 1.3 to something newer will work).
  • Updating database no longer overwrites some user changes.
1.2 1-Feb-2000
  • Really fixed the resizing map problem!
1.1 27-Jan-2000
  • Fixed help file link
  • Fixed problems with resizing the map not displaying properly in maximized mode
  • Pressing Enter from search keywords now executes search
1.0 18-Jan-2000
  • Initial release to Silver Citadel Allegiance for beta testing